Thursday, April 5, 2012

So Instagram is finally available for us Android users...

This happens to be my first post on Instagram.

Finally! After so long, I see Instagram on Google Play's list of apps.  Some people online say they don't care about Instagram. Or I see folks reacting to the hate given because it's now available on Android. Snobbish? Yeah, I guess. If you've had Instagram forever and now you see even folks with not so good camera phones posting on Instagram, you might feel bad.  But as with most online stuff, you could choose to ignore those posts.  You don't need to follow every Instagram user anyway.

So what's with Instagram and why have I wanted this on Android?

It's a photo sharing and photo editing application.  There are plenty of those out there and I think that Pixlr-o-Matic might even have more features. But I wanted to get Instagram because there are plenty of users out there whose posts might inspire me to learn how to take pictures again.  There's also a way to view all Instagram posts without having to dig them all up from Twitter or Facebook. (Yes, there are times when I'd rather look at pictures and not read text.)  There's also the interaction within Instagram.  You could comment on each other's pictures and you don't even have to be Facebook friends with someone to do that. (In case you're following someone who's not a friend in real life, that is.)  I think that it boils down to the social aspect of using Instagram for me.

If you wanted to share photos, use something else?

I know I could use Path. I have Path. It's nifty.  I could post all sorts of updates (location, photos, random thoughts, etc).  But I sometimes find it awkward to post on Facebook or Twitter whatever I post on Path. Why? Because it's supposedly something you use to share updates with people who are close to you, not just anyone.  It could be the marketing, it could be that they have influenced me with the wording they used.  I do use Path to update my FourSquare account sometimes.  But it's just weird.  At least with Instagram, I don't really have to think much about what I post because my mindset when I use Instagram is that it's all public once it's there.

There are so many other apps with filters too, you know.

I know that. I have used Pixlr-o-Matic, Magic Hour, Camera 360. Among those mentioned, I like Pixlr-o-Matic the most because I could choose lots of free filters and frames. It's cool that way. I could still use these editing tools with Instagram so I don't really have to ditch them because I have to admit that I like Instagram for its users and its social aspects.

It's so hipster!

I have 'hipster' cameras like the Fish Eye 2 and I do have a Holga, among other film cameras which might make me hipster. Instagram is an app which I find useful. I don't even have to use the filters. ;) I think that I am using this because it's so much fun looking at pictures.  They're snapshots of my friend's lives and that's something I enjoy learning about, especially when it comes to people I mainly know online.  It gives me a glimpse of their offline lives.  So why bother with all the hipster connotation when you could just have fun? ;)

Just so you know...

My Instagram user name is happyeclair. I am most likely going to post pictures of food, cats, dogs, books, yarns and other stuff you may or may not like. It's your choice if you will follow me on Instagram or not.  Not forcing you to do so, if you don't like it.  I have a Twitter account where I'd most likely post the pictures anyway and it's public so if you'd rather view my Twitter account, feel free to add me. Twitter name is eclair.

And if you haven't heard about Instagram before I posted this, check out their Tumblr post on how to using Instagram so you'd have an idea of what features they gave the app.

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  1. ohh!
    yun pala yun!
    hahaha.wala kong idea about it kasi i'm not really a mobile phone user e. my phone is really just for texting & calling..which made me wonder kung bakit i grabbed corby wifi the time when it first hit the market when i hardly use it.

    anyway, i think instagram is pretty fun to use if it really works like that. who doesn't love seeing pictures?

    im glad at may gfc ka!yay!i just have to follow you